About us


"To be irreplaceable one must always be different." Coco Chanel

At RoYuMi we create unique and original designs for you with high quality and durable products.

As artists that we are, we are convinced that each person is a unique and irreplaceable universe. Therefore, our mission is to promote personalization in your life and space with our products and designs with that unique touch that you deserve.

Share your love for Japan with the world wherever you go, wherever you are!


We are a Multicultural International Family (couple with 3 kids) creating content featuring Japanese culture, travel locations, events, and traditions from Japan.

We are passionate about sharing Japan to the world, especially to the Spanish speaking communities, giving them a unique point of view as a family with kids, from different countries backgrounds (Japan, Spain, Mexico and Italy)

Our goal is to share a positive message, inviting our audience to find the good side of life, to get amazed by the smallest details that make each of our experiences so special.